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In order to popularize and develop shooting sports in Ukraine and our city in particular, on the territory of the shooting range "SVD Legion" in partnership with IC "Wings of Thunder", on Saturday, October 7, 2020, entertainment evening competitions "Night Owl" were held. The tournament is held for the second year in a row and is gaining popularity.

This year, 33 participants dared to take part in the competition, which created a real fierce struggle for prizes.

"Night Owl" is a team competition, and in order to preserve the intrigue and establish a level playing field for all participants, a draw was held, according to which the team of two participants included one athlete and one hunter, respectively.

Participants and winners were awarded memorable and valuable prizes, received invaluable experience and a positive charge.

Many thanks to all who joined the organization and participation in our night action, guests from Lviv and Chernivtsi.

We hope that this will become a good tradition!

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